Gifts for Ireland Lovers

Not sure what to get that person who can’t stop talking about Ireland? Maybe they’ve been to Ireland countless times, are planning their first trip with Taylored Tours, or just love the Irish culture. It doesn’t matter why they love Ireland – just that they do and that you want to get them the perfect Irish gift. 

Ireland with Taylored Tours

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For the Homebody: Peat Briquettes and an Aran Wool Blanket

Ahhh... the smell of the smoke coming from a turf fire in an old Irish pub...there's nothing quite like the aroma of peat to bring back warm memories of Ireland. In the past, Irish people used turf (peat) to heat their homes and cook their food.  It was harvested from a bog. Burning one of these briquettes will fill a room with the unforgettable smell.

And while you cozy up in front of a your turf fire with a cup of hot Irish coffee, wrap yourself in an Aran Wool blanket and reflect on fond memories of Ireland. 

For Her: Claddagh Jewelry

The Claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Whether she’s your best friend or your future wife, a piece of Claddagh jewelry is a lovely Irish gift. The Claddagh ring is the most traditional form and is usually given as an engagement ring, but it doesn’t have to be that serious.

For the Musician: An Irish Instrument

Music is the heartbeat Ireland. If your lucky, you’ve heard it sung by buskers on the streets of Galway. What better gift for the Irish music lover than an Irish instrument? A great option is the Bodhran (an Irish drum).

For the Chef: An Irish Cookbook

If music is the heartbeat of Ireland, then their food is the soul. Traditionally, it’s hearty and grounding. It warms from the inside out.  So for the budding Irish chef in your life, give the gift of food – that they have to cook themselves...and maybe you’ll get an invite to dinner!

For the Traveler: A Map of Ireland or a Guide Book

Gift a map of a favorite Irish city to help remind fellow travelers of their trip or to inspire them to take another Taylored Tour with a guide book of Ireland.

For the Spiritual: An Irish Blessing

You know that one person in your life who always seems to know the quote from the movie or is always quick with a funny retort. Honor their gift of words with an Irish saying or blessing.

Ready for YOUR next vacation to Ireland? Contact Taylored Tours today to start planning your trip to the Emerald Isle.