Embrace your sense of adventure!

Group Travel & Solo Travel

In addition to our travel planning services for couples, we also create “taylored“ vacations for groups and for solo travelers. 


Group travel


But truth is, when you do the trip planning yourself, it can be complicated, time-consuming, and hard to please all. So leave the planning in the hands of a Taylored Tours.  From small to large groups, from cruises to land tours, Taylored Tours makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind group travel experiences. We simplify all the logistics of booking your group travel and make sure that your journey is customized to everyone’s travel needs and interests, delivering the perfect group vacation for all to enjoy.

Stress-free planning and expert knowledge

Sit back and relax. We use the knowledge from our training and travel experience and from our travel partners to bring you one-of-kind, custom, vetted group travel experiences and unrivaled group vacations.

Itineraries “taylored” for you.

As your group travel agency, we can offer genuine custom-crafted travel experiences designed just for you.  Our travel knowledge and highest quality planning means that every journey is ”taylored ” for your group. 

Insider access & unmatched local presence

Leveraging first-hand experiences and our countless partners, we craft a journey that gives you an insider’s perspective and an unmatched level of luxury, bringing you rare destinations, interactions, and experiences throughout your luxury group travel experience.

Group upgrades & discounts

Booking and traveling as a group can offer many benefits. As your group travel company, we’ll add value whenever we can, from free room upgrades to discounts on group tours. It’s another benefit we’re proud to offer our clients, just one of many that help make your group vacation extra special. 

Interested in Group Travel?

You could be celebrating a milestone birthday, reconnecting with friends, traveling with your alumni, large family, or a special interest group. Coordinating group travel is not always easy - and that's where we come in. Get started by completing our Travel Interest Survey.  


Solo Travel


We are thrilled that so many of you opt to travel independently with Taylored Tours and our typical groups are be made up of a mixture of solo travelers, couples and friends traveling together – but many of our adventurers are flying solo! In fact, we encourage you to make this your year of adventure and don’t wait on someone else to give into your wanderlust when such world of wonders await!  Visit our Popular Destinations pages for inspiration and ideas for your next vacation.   Why Taylored Tours solo and single travelers always win:

  • Enjoy the freedom and security of traveling in an organized group
  • No single supplements if you room with a fellow traveler of the same sex (and occasionally may end up with your own room)
  • Almost all trips offer single rooms
  • Meet likeminded travelers
  • Make new friends

Embrace your sense of adventure!

Why not have a vacation or adventure on your own? Explore our site and ask us about our most popular trips for solo travelers and feel free to ask us what the rest of the group on the departure is like!