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We offer a wide variety of travel services, including, but not limited to, wine travel around the globe...all “taylored” to your taste. Taylored Tours will help you plan your next adventure. 

We welcome you to explore our site, find inspiration for your next vacation, and let us turn your travel dreams into reality. 

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Travel Services

Dreaming of your next adventure? Looking for the perfect destination? Want to find the latest and greatest offers? Look no further! Taylored Tours can help plan your dream vacation...our travel services are "taylored" to your taste.

Travel Interest Survey

Travel Interest Survey

Taylored Tours' wants to help you plan the best vacation ever! We offer customized travel services. Please fill out this brief survey to get started so we can plan your dream vacation...

Wine Cruises

Wine Cruise

Why not combine your love of travel with your appreciation of wine? Wine Cruises pair the two perfectly! Taylored Tours offers travel services to include wine river cruises. Whether you have a seasoned appreciation for fine wine, or simply indulge in a sip here and there, this is a wonderful way to uncork the traditions of the local culture and learn about the region you’re visiting.


Castles, Whiskey, and Pints - An Irish Taylored Tour

The Castles. Whiskey, and Pints tour is full, but we would love to help you plan an amazing Ireland vacation like this one or one "taylored" just for you. Call us at 970-335-8670 or email